Only with domain registration and hosting website becomes viable to be viewed worldwide. These two aspects are common for any website to have its online presence. The space required for the website be located in is the hosting. All files are placed in the space and are drawn on generating a request by stating the domain name in the browser. The hosting space where the web files are located are measured in terms of MB, GB & TB.

Why Choose Web Hosting Service

Types of web hosting service

Managed and Customized Hosting

Managing and supporting your own server can be time consuming and expensive. With our expert team we provide managed server solutions with our supported data center that relaxes your internal team from routine tasks of updating and monitoring the server frequently. 


Shared Server/Hosting

Unlike the other two methods Shared server is the most common and inexpensive method for customers looking to host a simple website with uncomplicated features and doesn’t have the annoyances of updating and maintenance.


Dedicated Server

Fins Bridge Solutions delivers dedicated server hosting for business undergoing high traffic with our highly skilled technical team. For such website we ensure consistent performance and zero degradation time with the allocation of non- sharing and dedicated data center which is wholly and exclusively devoted to your site contributing wide range of solutions. 


Virtual Server

The faster, smarter and efficient move of business recent times is the Virtual servers. Fins Bridge, offers virtual desktop provisioning, hardware and software updates, virtual application hosting and management and much more. It enhances customer experience and scalability at affordable prices. Alike shared server this form too doesn’t put you in the annoyance of maintenance of own servers. Our skilled expert team uses pioneering technology to built virtual servers.


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