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What is White Label Solution?

A white label solution is a service produced by one company that other companies rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.

Will my name and company logo be on top of the MT5?

Your company name or company logo will be at the top of the MT5 platform. Your company will be fully branded to your specifications; clients will never tell whether you are a White Label or a fully licensed Forex Brokerage.

How long does the process take and do I need an agreement?

An agreement is signed between Fins Bridge and other represented parties, the whole process to obtain the  MT5 White Label license may take up to 4 weeks.

What are the procedures to get started?

Once we receive your inquiry we will give an estimate after considering your ideas after which you will be called for a personal meet-up to enter an agreement if you are eligible.

 Can I choose my Broker Set Up?

Yes, you can choose the setup you want whether an STP, ECN, A-book, or a hybrid option.

 What are the platforms you offer?

At present we offer access to three trading platforms. MT4, MT5, or C-Trader.

How long does the process take and do I need an agreement?

Fins Bridge will support you on general and tactical questions related to set-up and business development. This includes White Label onboarding, margin utilization monitoring and communication, funding, corporate action issues, and customer onboarding, trade execution handling and monitoring, and stop-out management.

 Is the platform available for mobile?

Yes, this platform is available in standard desk-top, Mobile, and Web trading versions. Your clients can trade in any device.

 Will I receive startup assistance?

Yes, Fins Bridge will provide technical support in setting up the platform and train your staff to operate your business. Prior to contracting for White Label Fins Bridge strongly recommends having extensive experience in trading currency markets and team members who is familiar with MetaTrader software as a trader. The staff members should have some trading background in the field of FOREX.

What do I get from Fins Bridge?

We provide a complete Web design platform to carry out your forex business successfully along with Attractive Plugins, SEO Integration, Live Chat Integration, an Easy payment platform, and many more.

What are the administration tools I can receive?

Fins Bridge provides a self-help tool allowing White Labels and Grey Labels to manage and control their leads and customers with limited involvement required from us. With Fins Bridge Tools, you can view and edit your business setup, including trading conditions, lead sign-up, accounts, users, cash transfers in a simple web application.

Should I pay extra for recent software updates and upgrades?

No, you don’t have to pay for the software updates and upgrades, it is free of cost. All platform updates implemented by Fins Bridge are made immediately available to our partners.

Who Can Become a White Label Partner?

Financial Services Firms, Online Brokers, Trading Firms, Banks looking to expand into online Forex, and ambitious IB’s ready to increase revenue stream and move to full financial independence.

What do I get from Fins Bridge?

Depending on the package, the number of applications, and performance setup prices may vary. Interested parties can contact the Fins Bridge support team for more details.

What is the license that we offer?

Fins Bridge offers you complete and in-depth solutions for setting-up a License. We will assist you every step of the way to ensure your integrity and confidence during Company Formation. Our complete package offers you, all the mandatory requirements for successful registration of a License.

What is the different payment method integration?

We help you integrate a payment provider network into your website which acts as a Virtual Payment Integration Channel. We have developed partnerships with various payment gateways. Hence, joining hands with us will allow you to offer multiple payment gateways to your clients for Fund Transfers.

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